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tirsdag 17. juli

12/01-2018 18:04:42: (TEL) Share buyback

Telenor has on 12 January 2018 purchased 100,000 own shares at an average price
of NOK 185.85 per share. After this transaction, Telenor owns a total of
9,388,867 own shares.

The transaction is part of the share buyback programme announced by Telenor on
17 July 2017. 
For further information about the share buyback programme Telenor refers to the
Oslo Stock Exchange notifications made on 17 July and 30 August 2017 (available
from www.newsweb.no).

Ekstern link: http://www.newsweb.no/index.jsp?messageId=442345

Nyheten er levert av OBI.

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